Monday, June 22, 2009

Teacup Engagement Shower

Well, it's official! We had our first party! Actually, Casey wasn't invited, but it was a party celebrating us!
Casey's family got together to throw me my very own teacup shower. Each girl brings a wrapped teacup without a name on it, and I guess who brought each one. They pick the teacups based on their own personal taste, not on what they think I'd like. It was really fun and I thought it looked beautiful!
Here are some pictures:

Maid of Honor, Me, Mommy

My little sister and I

Maid of honor/sister, bridesmaid/casey's cousin, me, bridesmaid/casey's sister

Carissa, Me, Aunt Lynette

Me with the women behind the whole party, Casey's Grandma and Aunt!

Casey's family and I


It looked really pretty :)

Grandma Shaw (Casey's Dad's Kindergarten Teacher) and I

Me and 2/3 of my grandmothers!

Casey's Mom and sister enjoying their tea :)

I love all of the teacups that I received. They are all so beautiful and different from each other and I like the way they look all together. Some of them were really easy to guess and some were really hard! I had a really fun time at tea with all the girls. :)

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