Monday, June 15, 2009

I need off-site storage.

Today Casey and I drove to Mission Viejo to buy our Champagne Glasses. We got 83 glasses for $80, which is the best deal you will find anywhere. We could have rented them for .70 each, costing us $58.10, but we decided that it would be better to buy them for a couple of reasons.
1. If they break, we don't have to pay the $20 fee per glass for the company to replace them.
2. We can resell them after the wedding! Then they cost us nothing!

We found them through craigslist, and bought them from a lady who had spend $90 buying them from someone else on craigslist before her own wedding.

Does it matter if wine glasses/water goblets don't quite match the champagne glasses? Not to me.

But ahhh what do I do with all this stuff for a whole year! My bedroom is cramped enough as it is, and living with my parents means that I only have my bedroom as a storage option. :/

I had heard this before, but I've now found it to be absolutely true: add the word 'wedding' to anything and it becomes about a billion times more expensive.

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