Saturday, June 27, 2009

a cake that scares me.

This cake is so huge and sprawling that it is hard for me to comprehend. There is so much going on and i am overwhelmed by a CAKE. insane.
We've been looking into cakes. I cannot believe that people actually pay $600-$700 for a CAKE. A cake?! Cake is like, three ingredients and so easy to make! who pays that much for a CAKE!
we might be making our own. Casey has been researching things like fondant and tiers. Seriously, if we made our cake ourselves I bet we could do the whole thing for like, $50 max. especially since we want funfetti cake and each box is only a dollar! and funfetti cake is guaranteed to be delicious, by the way, so we don't have to worry about making a recipe wrong or anything.
Everyone says not to do things yourself because you'll have too much to do. But Casey is more of a teammate than other grooms, and I think making our cake would give us something else to freak out about in the days preceding our wedding. Like, instead of worrying about something that we can't control (spilled beverage on dress, wilted flowers, late arrivals, whatever), we can worry about the cake together, be a team, and cross something off the checklist. And save at least $500.

Another thing we were thinking of doing is having a baker make a smaller wedding cake that is like, maybe $100 and then making our own grooms cake. Unfortunately though, most bakers don't offer box funfetti as an option, and they try to make it all fancy and gourmet when what we really want is the $1 box. so who knows.


  1. My cake was 175, and fed 150 people. I got it at this little bakery in downtown fullerton, i dont remember the name but it was on commonwealth between harbor and that other street...on the same line of store where the vintage store is. its like right in there. and she did a cake super simple and super cheap and it was cute and fed everyone. I would recommend them. They even delivered. at my friends wedding in hawaii, they had a very small cake that they cut, but then they passed out their favorite dessert to everyone, his favorite was brownies wtih ice cream and hers was something else...but that is a fun option...just pass out to the guests a sample of both of your favorite desserts...cheaper and more personalized...just a suggestion

  2. yay thank you so much for that tip! i'll go try to find the store today and let you know how it goes!
    thank you!!