Saturday, June 13, 2009


i want a photobooth at our wedding. so badly. but of course, when money gets tight it is the first thing to go! and by the looks of it, money is going to get tight. I would much rather have all of my friends and family there though, than have a freaky old photobooth...
unless i can have both!
i dont know where a lot of these photos came from, because i have been saving them up for a while. I think MAYbe we can do this though!
most of the following pictures are just a piece of upholstery fabric tacked to the ceiling and a digital camera. i don't think we could actually MAKE a booth like one of the pictures is (someone's husband made them tat for christmas i think!) but we can sort of get the feel of booth.
and if we could find cheap enough film, we could use polaroids instead and have people paste them into the guestbook next to their advice/well wishes. right?

im not sure how i feel about all of the glasses and mustaches though. is it too much??

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