Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Table numbers, place cards, Save the Dates

TEN DOLLARS for all!! :)
Apparently BIGLOTS bought out the Martha Stewart wedding collection or something. I'm not a particularly huge fan of martha stewart craftycrafty things, but $2 for 40 cards and envelopes (times 3) and $2 for 40 table place cards (times 2) is nooot bad!
We only need 100 Save the Dates (bought 120 for $6), so the extras are going to be used to make Table numbers (we only need seven of those) so the extra extras can be used as backup thank yous/shower invites/something.

They also had:
-just married sign for car
-flower girl basket
-ring bearer pillow
-invitations (imagine getting all your invitations for $4! if casey and I weren't particular about the invitations we wanted, we'd totally go for it!)

I'm so excited to be finding things for so cheap! :)

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  1. HI Natalee, How great that you have a blog. now we can keep up with each other and stuff outside of church. I am goign to follow your blog and watch you get the best deals for your cool.