Monday, April 19, 2010


It's been a nice long time since I last said anything, and I have no idea if I have even accomplished much else. Lets see...

I'm going to wear this necklace:

With a pair of vintage diamond earrings from my aunt.

I kind of want to wear these shoes:

And I am thinking of something like this for the rehearsal dinner (I already have the gray shoes)

We're honeymooning in Hawaii! We've both never been there. We're excited! and we're going to a luau and I just might eat the apple piggy because it will be my only chance to try one in a very long time.

Casey and I are having a big huge garage sale this Friday and Saturday at my house in Orange. Email me if you want the address (! I would love to see you and all proceeds are going to pay for our wedding!!

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