Friday, July 29, 2011

Long time no see

Casey and I are doing really well. We have a new baby kitty who is our absolute true love and he is such a darling.

He is very
naughty which is a characteristic i ADORE. I love how sneaky and mischevious he is. He gets into trouble pretty much every chance he gets and I wouldn't change that about him for a second.

He is also very
loving and tender and sweet. Once when I was sick with a fever and shivvers, he slept on my belly to keep me warm. He loves to sleep on my face and he loves to be around us. He is such a funny little guy.

He loves to eat and is always
hungry. Eating is his favorite thing to do, so much so that he sticks his paws in our dinner so he can have a little taste of what we're enjoying (which I have to admit is a little gross. I for one don't LOVE having litter box paws in my meal). He loves spinach, ice cream, soup and cereal. We made him popsicles out of wet catfood and he loves those too :). Last night we had to take his food away at 10:00 PM in order to prepare him for his vet visit this morning. He was very angry and told Casey so. And this morning he woke up and ran out to see if his food was back and I heard screams coming from the bathroom when he realized it wasn't! He LOVES his food. I can't wait to spoil him with delicious cat food. :)

Our baby boy loves to be
playful. He goes crazy for his feathers on a stick and any other toy that simulates a flying bug or bird. He also is fond of hide and seek and tag, which is how I ended up with this

Which was awful and all, but then it turned into this! ......

Can you believe it? a black eye! That second photo is it covered with makeup too. I had gotten up at 5:00 with Casey to make him his lunch and was just crawling back to bed and under the covers. I felt Pumpkin crawling slowly up my body but I thought he was just snuggling in until WHAP, his claw got stuck in my vein! My poor baby boy is so
apologetic. He ran into the bathroom and sat in the corner with his eyes down FOR 20 MINUTES until I came and got him and told him it was okay and he was forgiven. I got so many sweet kisses from him that morning!

I love how smart he is. He has such a mind of his own and he is so cute to watch playing by himself. He loves to play with hair ties and he spends hours playing with the little plastic divers in our bath tub. He loves to be with us no matter where we are and he is so curious. While Casey is in the shower he jumps up to the bathroom door knob and tries to twist it to get in to see what Casey is doing in there.

Our kitty is such a sweet baby. We love him so much and we are so blessed to have him! I am thinking about him a lot today because he is at the vet getting neutered. I feel so horrible for my baby. A lot of people have been saying it's good payback for giving me a black eye but that isn't how I feel! I feel like I have deliberately made plans to make today the worst day of my baby boys life. I have planned for him to be terrified at the vet and wake up dazed and wearing the cone of shame. I feel so deceitful! My poor little one. I cant wait to have him back home with me. Only 3 and a half hours to go until I can rescue him! :)

I love my boys and I love my life. My husband and my kitty are such wonderful things to come home to each night and I just love and appreciate them both. I hope they both know that!

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